Hello guys. How time flies. It's Saturday already. Last week I attended an event called Toys & Games Republic. Similar to Band...

Event Review - Toys & Games Republic

Hello guys. How time flies. It's Saturday already. Last week I attended an event called Toys & Games Republic. Similar to Bandung Hobbies Festival (click here for some photographs), the event provided a bunch of various figures for sale. If you're into figures, you should have expected some money to escape your wallet. There were also several expo booths. All of which related to toys and games.

The venue was a parking lot on the basement of Trans Studio Mall (TSM), located in Jl. Gatot Subroto, Bandung. It was very large it include expo, game, event, and food areas; six trading areas; and a stage. The ticket to ride that shit all day was IDR 15k. If you brought a vehicle, you could be charged extras for parking.

Careful, though. If you go to TSM one of these days and hope to find a place to eat or just sit around, choose your place wisely. I'd recommend asking a security for a place (which was apparently a rare encounter in my case. I didn't find them).

Why? Let me tell you why. Because there was this random cafe which charges customers with insanely expensive price for a TASTELESS iced-tea. What the fuck! Me and my friends were just looking for a place to take a rest by sitting on the cafe's chairs. We actually wouldn't mind ordering some food rather than just sitting around. BUT THEN, after we looked at the jaw-breaking price list and experienced their terrible service, we had no other choice than to show a tantrum and order that damned iced-tea. Two types of sugar were provided, but it had no effect. Buggered up. God knows how come this cafe charges IDR 30k for an iced-tea.

Okay. That one strays off the event. Let's go back to it. Prior to entering the gate, we were given a set of quest list along with the ticket. The quests (dubbed as Public Duties) range from visiting a booth to following @toysrepublic instagram account and uploading a photograph with a coser.

There was this quest in which we had to color a "Warhammer" figure. Upon completing the quest, we got a stamp worth some 'Rep' points. The Rep could have been traded with prizes but unfortunately we didn't get enough points.

 Alot of figures are on sale here. so yeah expect some boxes.

LEGO city. My little brother used to play LEGO, particularly the super hero series. But here we could see a bunch of LEGOs aranged into a mini-sized city. This city even had a ship which reminded me of "The Unicorn" in "The Adventures of Tintin".

A T-Rex. How cute.

Talkshow. Those guys up there are professionals at modern creative industry. There was this guy called Andre who specifies in boardgame, Adit who develops video games for Agate Studio, Sweta Kartika who draws comics and Fachrul (The King of Awesomeness) who writes for Vandaria Saga, the most well-known fantasy novel series in Indonesia.

These were the cards used in one of the boardgames which captivate my eyes. These cards reflect the National Heroes of Indonesia. Their attires were creatively made to be colorful. Almost like Power Rangers, only darker, which is cool. The game was developed by Manikmaya (@ManikmayaGames).

Also, we played a boardgame called Monster-X. The design were based on a praticular traditional boardgame named "Karambol", but with gameplay improvements, some tweaks, monsters of course, tag team system and special powers! This is genius. We enjoyed playing the game on two on two in two rounds.