Screencrop taken from Air Gear. End of the year, fellas. Time to recap what I listened to in 2014. The recommended ones of course. The...

Music Recommendation 2014

Screencrop taken from Air Gear.
End of the year, fellas. Time to recap what I listened to in 2014. The recommended ones of course. There is also some release date info (imported from The recommendations are the music I feel that they created some kind of impact in my life this year (and probably yours too later). They are definitely remarkable tracks and albums which I think worth-listening and worth-mentioning. Also, the recommendations include that of my friends in which were posted on my shoutbox. I don't know. I just feels like putting them here so that others too, can choose to listen to them or not.


Metal stuff (Deathcore, nu metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, etc.)
- Emmure - E
- Children of Bodom - Transference
- Dead by April - As a Butterfly
- Iron Attack! - Future is Undefined
- Miss May I - We Have Fallen
- Get Scared - Don't You Dare Forget the Sun
- Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is
- Born of Osiris - M∆CHINE
- the GazettE - Vortex
- Vagerke - Circle of the Season
- Asriel - Metamorphose
- Mastodon - High Road
- Blood Stain Child - Stargazer
- SiM - Who's Next
- Knights of Round - Knights of Round
- GALEYD - Crimson Chain
- Matenrou Opera - Anomie
- Sadie - Red Line
- Jupiter - Blessing of the Future
- -OZ- - Rogue (Album)
- March Alive - I Killed My Self To Die For
- Texas in July - 1000 Lies
- August Burns Red - Provision
- Anorexia Nervosa - Sister September

Instrumentals (Post-rock, electronic, ambient, etc.)
- Explosions in the Sky - So Long, Lonesome
- I am waiting for you last summer - Mad Season
- Sixto Sounds - The Path to Glory ~Theme of Bartz~ [If you're fan of Final Fantasy V, that is.]
- Anamanaguchi - Rock Club
- Toshiyuki Mori - Theme of Love
- Ryu☆ - We're so happy
- Save the Queen - Ex-Termination
- 잠비나이 - connection [Awesome Korean traditionally-driven ambient band.]
- Films - I'm Sleeping Under The Dead Tree
- Maria isn't a virgin anymore - Silencer
- Juzhin - Railways
- 小林香織 - October 20th

The softer side (Indie rock, alternative, folk, jazz, blues, acoustic, etc.)
- Mae - Giving It Away [I actually listened to the whole Destination: Beautiful album. Mostly because Shawn Milke of Alesana says that it is good and it IS.]
- The Decemberists - The Marines' Revenge Song
- Asobi Seksu - Thursday [Dreampop.]
- Adhitya Sofyan - How to stop time (Album)
- koejang - Moal Mandi; Masak Sorangan
- T.M.Revolution×水樹奈々 - Preserved Roses
- 7!! - Bye Bye
- Yellowcard - Always Summer
- GARNiDELiA - ambiguous
- Muse - Start: Dash!! (Pepro Piano Mix)
- EXILE - I Wish for You
- ELLEGARDEN - Salamander
- Spyair - My World
- Tommy ferbruary6 - Je t'aime ☆ Je t'aime DMC
- Death in June - Little Black Angel
- Blue October - The Worry List
- DIAURA - Lost November

Misc. [I listened to these mostly out of my musical curiousity only.]
- Alexey Tegin - Bon ngo, part. 2 [Tibetan throat song.]
- Dead Meadow - 1000 Dreams
- Arab Strap - Last Big Weekend
- OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
- Fire for Effect - Yr. So wet 1.0 [Seapunk.]
- The Arians - Tertinggal Rasa
- DaizyStripper - Kiss You
- Amazing in Bed - Romansick
- Girls Dead Monster - Brave Song (Gldemo ver.)
- Fantastic Plastic Machine - L'Aventure Fantastique

This year's releases that I got include:
- Avenged Sevenfold - Chapter Four (Demo) [I wouldn't recommend this if you're no hardcore fan of A7X though.]
- Frau - Happy Coda (Album) [It's recommended by a friend.]

More recent releases #1
Last Week (Mon 15 Dec – Sun 21 Dec)
Week of Mon 8 Dec – Sun 14 Dec
Week of Mon 1 Dec – Sun 7 Dec
Week of Mon 24 Nov – Sun 30 Nov
Week of Mon 17 Nov – Sun 23 Nov

More recent releases #2
Week of Mon 8 Dec – Sun 14 Dec
Week of Mon 1 Dec – Sun 7 Dec
Week of Mon 24 Nov – Sun 30 Nov
If you look more closely, the list above containts the names of months, whether it is as an artist name or a song name (no January though). Just for kicks. ;] Check my album section for monthly album recommendations. This month's ongoing list is available here:

Friends' Recommendations
- rarasabria: Wry - She Science (Album) [Shoegaze stuff, basically.]
- lukasz_pulawski: Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory [The classic of all the calssics.]
- aA5hr0ud3dAa: sleepmakewaves,, Strawberry Girls, Three Trapped Tigers, Weye, Zechs Marquise, 65daysofstatic
- agusyulip: Aurette and the Polska Seeking Carnival - Self Titled (Album)
- RyogazettE: Cyntia (Saint Seiya Omega OST)
- @soranuel: I-Rabbits - Freasure; Treasure Forever (Albums) [This one is actually on twitter but I'm putting it here anyway.]

There were some others, as usual. But all I had in mind were on that list already. Hopefully next year I get the chance to listen to some other worth-listening stuff and post them in this blog. I'm always open for recommendation. See you next post.