Source: Bandcamp February is just around the corner. This time, I’d like to make a playlist based on the band names which are taken...

Weekly Playlist - Months x Bands

Source: Bandcamp

February is just around the corner. This time, I’d like to make a playlist based on the band names which are taken from the name of the months. Let’s start with the first track, Chapter January. 

1.   Chapter January – The Sound of Summer
Genre: pop punk. I’ve always been amazed how a lo-fi record could be more memorable than the more polished ones. And this, is the good kind of lo-fi record.
Other notable artists with January names:
-      January Jaunt – Try
Good post-rock vibes combined with a gloomy alt-rock.
-      January – Careful What You Tell The Sky
Not much to say. Eerie music.
-      Sad January – Frozen Tears
Sadder and eerier than the above.

2.   Tommy February6 - je t'aime je t'aime DMC
Genre: j-rock/metal. I discovered this song as I browse the Detroit Metal City tribute album. If you’re a fan of the show, you should check out the tribute. Beat Crusader is there too.

3.   March Alive - I Killed My Self to Die for
Genre: deathcore. It’s an old piece. Really. Listened to this back in the days when I started college. They are Indonesian by the way. Unfortunately I don't have any youtube link for this one.

4.   Dead by April – As a Butterfly
Genre: post-hardcore/electronicore. I think the melodies are easy to follow. It’s much like Coldplay mixed together with and other generic electronicore bands. It’s nice tho.
Other notable artists with April names:
-      Last Days Of April – The Artist
Released as the first track of “Sea of Cloud” album in 2015, it’s a catchy indie/country song.

5.   Memphis May Fire – Miles Away (feat. Kellin Quinn)
Genre: rock. It’s actually kinda difficult to search for a band which has the name May on it because it often does not refer to the actual month. So I just pick this. Mayday Parade may be suitable to represent the actual month but it has ‘-day’ attached to it. Other band which has May on it is Miss May I.

6.   JUNE – Baby It’s You
Genre: R&B. If you’re into BLEACH, you must have listened to this song since it’s the second ED. It’s funky. Other artist with the name June in it is Death in June.

7.   Texas in July – 1000 Lies
Genre: metalcore/hardcore. I am amazed at the mix of hardcore drums and the guitar melodies following. They remind me of DragonForce, but way more aggressive with the mid-pitched scream vocals.

8.   August Burns Red – Provision
Genre: hardcore/metalcore. Yes, I switched the genre order for this one compared to the previous one. I am not a fan of the scream vocals, Texas in July do better screams in this case. But it’s heavier and longer. It’s still worth listening, nevertheless. I also found Augustana as a band which takes August in it. They sound pop rock.

9.   September Malevolence – On Our Own
Genre: post-rock. This song depicts solitary moments gracefully. You should listen to it alone in a room for maximum effects. It’s a great post-rock piece.

10.  Blue October – The Worry List
Genre: post-rock. Here’s my own interpretation of this song: The Worry List tells about a man who wants to stand up on his own after his marriage fell apart. He finally embraces religious belief closer to him and decides to move back to his hometown: Texas. In the end, he asks his ex-wife to take him out of the worry list because he already has faith to stand up on his own.  It’s just beautiful.

11.   The Early November – Five Years
Genre: emo. I wrote chords for this song. It was for this blog’s fifth blogaversary. It’s a lo-fi record. But it slays for an emo song. The patterns are easy to follow and it sounds light. Other ‘November bands’ I’ve managed to find are:
-      November – Mount Everest
-      November Növelet – Magic
-      November Doom – Autumn Reflection

12.  The Decemberists - The Mariner's Revenge Song
Genre: folk. This song takes you back to the past, where folk stories are told by the bards. The Decemberists actually has some songs which are dedicated to most months of the year. Another band which has December on it is Decemberadio. It’s a classic rock band.

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