Source: Pinterest   This playlist contains songs derived from the names of the months. Starting from January to December. I think th...

Weekly Playlist - Months of the Year

Source: Pinterest


This playlist contains songs derived from the names of the months. Starting from January to December. I think this time around it would be a great to publish the playlist as this is the end of January. As of late, I managed to collect the followings:


1. Pilot - January

This song takes you back to 70s. It has funny guitar melodies. I like how the word January is catchy here. Other songs with January in it:


Honorable mentions. Indonesian January songs:

- Glenn Fredly - Januari  


- Gigi - 11 Januari


2. Josh Groban - February Song

Love at first listen. Most of Josh Groban's song that I listen to is really uplifting. This is one of them. It's kinda short tho.


3. Frightened Rabbit - Late March, Death March

"Look, maybe I was a prick and maybe you were a wee bit reactionary, but we are definitely both drunk and this will not solve itself now. Please can we go to sleep." That was what Scott Hutchison said when he explained the song's meaning. It's a song about an argument. Would it be nice to have an argument once in a while?


4. Simon & Garfunkel - April Come She Will


So it's kinda funny to think that some parts of the lyrics come from a child's nursery ryhmes:

April, come she will,
May, she will stay.
June, she'll changed her tune,
July, she will fly.
August, die she must.


Other songs you need to listen about April:

- Sublime - April 29, 1992

- Jesus and Mary Chain - April Skies



5. Michael Bublé - End of May 


Bublé claimed that this song may be the best vocal performance he ever had. I couldn't agree more.

6. case/lang/veirs - Greens of June

"You're trying to capture something very elusive, and an artist temperament in the studio can be so fragile, and he's so good with that," Veirs continued. "I would never have the patience for it. I would be like, 'Just sing that song and let's get out of here!" Really like the strings in this song. As a music collective, these three women are amazing. That's all I can say.

7. Tempting Paris - Polaroids in July

"Taking Back Sunday said it best for in the end if we go down then we will go down with our friends. Imagine if we had chose never to leave home." Tempting Paris is a side project by Shawn Milke's Alesana. I am not a fan of the Polaroids in July album as a whole. I think only few tracks there stand out. Although the chorus is quite repetitive, it's still worth listening. And yes, that's Taking Back Sunday reference in the lyrics. Given this song, let's move on.


8. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - An August Theme

It's just an interlude but it feels there's more meaning to it. Another song about August is this:

- Bon Jovi - August 7


It tells a story of a little girl. Well you have to listen to it to get the full story.


9. Adhitia Sofyan - September

If you have ever listened to this song only. I recommend to listen to the whole 'How to Stop Time' album. It slays! I am aware that there are more September songs out there. Daugthry's September and Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends come after this in my opinion.

10. Waking Ashland - October Skies (acoustic)

I was wonderstruck by the chorus in this. The original version is great too. It's just so happened that I discovered the acoustic version beforehand. I think the song meant to tell me that it's okay to surrender at times. Another October song I like is the October 20th by 小林香織. I heard it's her birthday. The genre is fusion

- Kaori Kobayashi - October 20th

11. Sleeping with Sirens - November

'Madness' album was mostly filled by light and uplifting materials. I banged this song on a ride back to my hometown once. It's nice. If you are into visual kei, you may as well check this out:

- Diaura - Lost November

12. For the Fallen Dreams - December Everyday

At last. The last month. I have memories with this song back in my days as a university student. I even made basic chords out of it. It also reminds me of certain lyrics in BMTH's For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only. Other than that, my next picks would be Ten2Five's Desember-ku, Linkin Park's My December, and Counting Crow's A Long December. There is a lot of December songs already, so that's that.

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