1) When you and a bunch of your friends sneak into the White House to kidnap the president's daughter, thinking that she was Prince...

You know you've played too much Final Fantasy IX when...

1) When you and a bunch of your friends sneak into the White House to kidnap the president's daughter, thinking that she was Princess Garnet

2) When you get in a fight, you try to steal from the other person

3) When you take a hiking trip in the forest looking for Yans

4) You throw bottles at your friends and wonder why it doesn't heal them

5) When you ask your teddy bear if he'll save your game

6) You go up to short people and say Rally-ho!

7) Your sister turns 16 and you try to extract Eidolons from her.

8) You get a large chicken and try to make it fly

9) You search for Save the Queen on e-bay

10) You challenge your friends to a festival hoping that you'll win a date with your crush.

11) You go to the pet store/zoo and ask to see a Chocobo.

12) When you take a look at a map of the Earth and ask yourself, ''Say, wasn't Mist Continent supposed to be here?''

13) You have a friend who always carries around a hammer.

14) You run aroud with wing things on your back, and say "I'm a summoner"

15) You give your dog an extra mouthand and say you found Cerberus at Ipsen’s Castle.

16) You think an elephant is the real Queen Brahne.

17) You have a monkey tail above your butt and say you are Zidane.

18) You mutate to a female rat and call yourself Freya.

19) When you actually make Kuja's costume and you wear it to anime cons

20) You dress up your brother with a thong, a dress, and some makeup and call him Kuja.

21) You put your white cat in your dress and call her Mog

22) You tell your mom that you want to take the Hilda Garde 3 to school

23) You walk up to someone and ask them to play Tetra Master.

24) You sing/hum Melodies of Life when you’re sad.

25) You take a picture of Garnet and Zidane to your biology teacher and ask "If these two have kids, will their kids have tails and blond hair?"

26) When you try to rename your girfriend as "Dagger"

27) When you feed your white cat nuts and wonder why it continuously chokes

28) When you meet a little orphan girl who hangs around white cats and ask her to summon Eidolons

29) You make a small fort in your backyard, dress up white cats as Moogles, and convince your friends it’s the hidden Mognet Central. Proclaim there’s a letter waiting from them with Mogiki, kupo!

30) You look for a frog and 3 Potions and try to change the frog back to its original form.

31) You go to the Grocery Store and ask where they keep their Potions/Pheonix Downs and etc.

32) You think the monkeys at the zoo are Genomes.

33) You buy a silver eyepatch and walk around casting Stock Break everywhere.

34) You go to an aircraft show and ask where the Invincible and Hilda Garde 3 are docked.

35) You go walk through the forest and deliberately kill animals to level up yourself.

36) When you name your dog Fenrir

37) When you spend all year growing a semi-afro and moustache, die them both dark red and put "Flaming" in front of your name via deed poll

38) You walk into a library and ask where Dr. Tot was

39) You go to the bank and try to exchange your money for gil

40) When you head out into your backyard with a shovel and start lookin’ for Chocographs.

41) You walk into everyone's home and start searching the whole place for potions and items. And they don't mind.

42) After wearing the same outfit for several weeks, you refuse to wear it ever again because you are convinced that it won't teach you new ability

43) When you ask everyone in the neighborhood, ''Where can I find another Moonstone?''

44) Every sentence ends with a “Kupo!”

45) After a bully beats you up, you wonder why you don't go into Trance mode.

46) You put black make-up on your face to look like Vivi

47) You start sticking pieces of cloth in the back of your pants, and when your friend asks what it is you say it is a tail

48) You wear huge collars around your wrists

49) You try to eat your pet because you think it will teach you a new spell

50) Same as above, but you try to cook your pet.

51) You ask a clerk at the clothing store for something that teaches Fire.

52) You wonder how planes can fly without mist.

53) You take two knives into a shop and ask them to synthesize them into a Theif Sword.

54) You want to pull a joke on someone so you try looking for some Oglops to scare them with.

55) Every time you see a blue light you think it leads to your real home.

56) You think hurricanes are caused by some giant eyeball ship in the sky

57) You were raised by some guy with whose name starts with the letter Q, has huge tounge, and who philosophizes about food all the time.

58) You don't kill flowers because you're mortally afraid you'll be petrified.

59) You ask the drama teacher if your school can perform ''I Want to Be Your Canary''

60) You think rats live in tornadoes

61) When you kill animals at the zoo because you're competing in the Festival of the Hunt.

62) When a bounty hunter tries to kill you, you ask him to be your friend.

63) When you use Zidane's ''lines'' to try and get girls. And then you're surprised when they don't work out

64) You eat frogs because you think they’re good

65) You run around with a huge fork

66) You wear a blue jacket with a pointy hat

67) You say ''Judgement Bolt!'' and wait for a guy with a beard to come

68) You make rusty armor and wear it to school

69) You go whale-hunting so you can find the acclaimed ''Whale Whisker''

70) You make a black ball and name it Dark Matter

71) You use that black ball and try to summon Odin

72) You kill your family and try to use Phoenix Down

73) You find a big tree and name it the Iifa Tree

74) You ask your science teacher where planet Gaia and Terra are

75) You wear a ruby and then steal you friend’s rabbit then you try to cast Carbuncle

76) You walk around the house waiting to see if an exclamation point appears above your head.

77) You run around with a dagger trying to steal from people

78) You get mad when they call the police, then you call the police officer “Rusty”

79) You speak of the days aboard the Prima Vista.

80) When you turn 16, you run away.

90) You buy an oversized hat and put yellow glowsticks around your eye, go into the freezer and attempt to find a hidden passage.

100) You paste a bushy moustache on a cockroach and call it Cid.

101) You go to the mall with three friends and comment on how it’s bigger than Alexandria.

102) You go to a coin shop and ask if they have any Stellazio in their possesion.

103) When walking through a forest path you try to give the animals a peice of tin.

104) When it doesn’t work you yell, “Damn, it must've wanted a Lapis Lazuli”

105) You called NASA and asked them to officially rename the moon Terra.

106) When you walk into someone’s house and look through all of their stuff for Potions.

107) When the police come and take you away, you say, “Kuja put you up to this, didn’t he?”

108) You throw things that are on fire around and tell people that it's your trance attack.

109) You ask why your white cat doesn’t have pink wings

110) You go to sears and ask where they keep the Excalibur?

111) When your friends ask you, “What's your favorite song?” you answer, Boss Battle Theme from FFIX!”

112) When you constantly take a look at yourself in the mirror just to check your EXP and abilities.

113) You go to Chinatown, tear down all the signs and billboards, cut off each “letter” one by one, and chuck them at your enemies, claiming they have been hit by Grand Lethal.

114) You start trying to flee everyone from your town thinking Queen Brahne is going to annihilate it sooner or later.

115) You form a gang called The Pluto Knights or Tantalus or even Dragon Knights

116) You go around asking people to give you a fork because you eat a lot of frogs.

117) You can't resist putting little purple balls you made out of  construction paper on the top of any tall trees, then you hum Skirmish of the Silver Dragons .

118) You take a big stick, go up to your enemy, say “Firaga!” then sing the victory dance and tell him over and over that he has to fall over dead because you hit him with a giant pillar of fire.