A shiny scythe, screenshot taken from Campione. This curse tag game is quite popular on Facebook yesterday. It's on a hype, not...

'Write Facts(?) About You Based on the Number of Your Age' (Curse) Tag Thingy

A shiny scythe, screenshot taken from Campione.
This curse tag game is quite popular on Facebook yesterday. It's on a hype, not to mention it was in the morning. Some of my friends seemed enjoying this game. But since yesterday I can't upload anything beyond 09.00 am--curse you limited quota--, I can't join them. So, here I am putting this facts(?) thingy on a blog post.

1. Fear me. For I am Death.
2. What about this body you say? This is just another lump of meat called human body.
3. Enjoy a wide range of music. Recently folk, psychedelic, visual kei, and post-metal.
4. Think the quote "I am thankful to music. Without it, I would be just another mass murder." by Krauser II, is sick enough to made one's day.
5. Approximately at this age or so, I learned how to draw Power Rangers from my cousin.
6. I started it out with drawing a square as the body, a circle as the helmet. Add some white diamond pattern, and voila! A Power Ranger was born!
7. One of my favorite warrior is Khalid bin Walid, the Sword of God.
8. When I think I'm overwhelming with ideas, I wish I could have infinite capacity of energy and time. Plus, high spirit and low boredom meter.
9. Sleep is for the weak.
10. It's like, a day is just not enough to do all I want (or what I supposed to do).
11. We should have added one more day called Wildanday or something where people can just go crazy and all.
12. Most of the time, find it difficult to realize ideas which are technically already stored in mind. GTFO you ideas! Manifest!
13. Rather than weird, I prefer the word whimsical because it looks and sounds more elegant.
14. Strewth, screw that. People think they're weird for like more than decades, even forever, in their own way, anyway.
15. Enjoy designing spontaneous mechas and monsters a lot.
16. Frickin' love metal claws and deathscythes. They look sharp and shiny.
17. Have encountered many cats and cat lover in this entire life. I admit, cats are amaazaaaah.
18. But when it comes to their smelly shits, I curse them.
19. Sometimes think the word 'always', 'eternal', 'perfect', 'weird', 'special', 'impossible' and such, shouldn't be used, applied, valid or even exist for creatures.
20. Enrolled in a univeristy, found some new sets of humans (and other living things) to brefriend with.
21. Blog random stuff. Mostly about music, event, and video games.
22. Human age. This time around, my vision is kinda blurry, and my paper is white.

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