So recently a friend in mig33, viq_ce, has plotted a reunion chat in Final fantasy chatroom. The reunion will be held on 21 December 20...

Mig33 Commands List

So recently a friend in mig33, viq_ce, has plotted a reunion chat in Final fantasy chatroom. The reunion will be held on 21 December 2013, at 7 p.m. Time Zone: (UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta. You can also join us if you have a mig33 account =]. In this occasion, I would like to share the list of commands used in mig33 that I searched all over the internet, hahaha. The credits go to the original uploaders. I merely adapted and compiled the resources I found.

User 1: black_angelss
User 2: [username] < Insert the target username here. Do NOT use the brackets.

General Commands
Note: Some commands here can only either be typed as is or paired with username.

**black_angelss agrees**
/agree [username]
**black_angelss agrees with [username]**

**black_angelss apologizes**
**black_angelss apologizes to [username]**
**black_angelss screams loudly in frustration**
**black_angelss is frustrated with [username]. ARGHHH!**
**black_angelss barks playfully. Ruff ruff**
**black_angelss barks playfully at [username]**
**black_angelss is getting ready to bearhug.**
**black_angelss gives [username] a great, big, bone- crushing bearhug!**
/ beg
**black_angelss begs like a dog**
**black_angelss begs at [username]’s feet**
**black_angelss yells “I AM THIRSTYYYYY!**
**black_angelss looks at [username], pointing to the door, suggesting that it is pub time**
**black_angelss blink eyes in disbelief!**
**black_angelss blink at [username] in disbelief! **
**black_angelss blows a kiss**
**black_angelss blows a kiss to [username]**
**black_angelss blushes a lovely shade of red**
**black_angelss turns away from [username] and blushes**
/boo [username]
**black_angelss runs up behind [username] and screams ‘BOOO!’**
**black_angelss is extremely bored**
**black_angelss is bored by [username]**
**black_angelss bow gracefully**
**black_angelss bows down before [username]**
**black_angelss will be right back**
**black_angelss tells [username] to wait a little while**
**black_angelss burps rudely**
**Burpppppp! How rude [username]**
/ caff
**black_angelss bounces off the walls, buzzing on caffeine**
**black_angelss cheers**
**black_angelss enthusiastically cheers for [username]**
**black_angelss lets out a ‘be-GAWK!’ as though black_angelss were a chicken getting its tail feather plucked**
**black_angelss stares at [username], then suddenly lets loose with a loud and pierching ‘be- GAWK!’**
**black_angelss chuckles politely**
**black_angelss chuckles at [username]**
/cmon [username]
**black_angelss tells [username] to get a move on. ‘Cmon’**
/comfort [username]
**black_angelss comforts [username]**
**black_angelss is totally confused**
**black_angelss is confused with [username]. What are you on about?**
/congrat [username]
**black_angelss congratulates [username]**
**black_angelss cringes in terror**
**black_angelss away from [username], terrified**
**black_angelss is crying**
**black_angelss is crying over black_angelss’s shoulder**
**black_angelss blinks, then slaps forehead and screams ‘DOH’**
**black_angelss starts drooling all over the place**
**black_angelss drools all over [username]. Yuckz**
**black_angelss calls out “I’m SOOOOOOOOO drunk!”**
**black_angelss ducks out of the way**
**black_angelss ducks down hide from [username]**
**black_angelss leaps onto a table and screams ‘Eeeek!’**
**black_angelss is totally clues. Eh?**
**black_angelss looks at [username] VERY confused**
**black_angelss gives everyone a warm and loving embrace**
**black_angelss gives [username] a warm and loving embrace**
**black_angelss faints**
**black_angelss faints on [username]**
**black_angelss lets off a real rip-roarer. Eeww**
**black_angelss lets off a stinking fart next to [username]. Eeww**
**black_angelss performs a fire-breathing act!**
**black_angelss performs a fire- breathing act for [username]**
**black_angelss flirts with the room**
**black_angelss flirts with [username]**
/French [username]
**black_angelss gives [username] a deep and passionate kiss … it seems to take forever … **
**black_angelss frowns in disgust**
**black_angelss frowns at [username]**
**black_angelss gasps in astonishment!**
**black_angelss gasps at [username]**
**black_angelss can’t believe it. GEEEEEEEE.**
**black_angelss can’t believe what [username] just did. GEEEEEEE.**
**black_angelss giggles in a fit of uncontrollable mirth**
**black_angelss giggles maniacally at [username]’s manners**
/gift [giftname] [username]
**black_angelss gives a [giftname] to [username]**
/glare [username]
**black_angelss fixes [username] with an icy glare!**
**black_angelss waves and takes off for dream land**
**black_angelss waves at [username], “Good night!”**
**black_angelss says “Hello all”**
**black_angelss bids [username] welcome**
**black_angelss grins evilly**
**black_angelss grins at [username] with lust in eyes! **
**black_angelss groans loudly**
**black_angelss groans loudly and looks at [username]**
**black_angelss can’t resist smilling happily**
**black_angelss gives everyone a high five. Yeah! **
**black_angelss gives [username] a powerful high five. Yeaahh!**
**black_angelss hiccups**
**black_angelss humms and umms in deep thoughts**
/hold [username]
**black_angelss holds [username] lovingly**
**black_angelss is extremely honored**
**black_angelss lets loose a blood curdling howl at the moon. Hoooowwwll!**
**black_angelss gives everyone a big hug**
**black_angelss gives [username] a big hug**
**black_angelss begins to hum. Dum dee doo..**
**Tears of joy form in black_angelss’s eyes. Oh, how happy! **
**black_angelss puckers up, but who are you kissing exactly?**
**black_angelss kisses [username]**
**black_angelss is seriously lagging. Lagmonster strikes again!**
**black_angelss laughs out loud**
**black_angelss laughs at [username]**
**black_angelss sit down and listens to the murmur around the room**
**black_angelss looks at [username], listening intently**
**black_angelss admits, ‘I’m a loser!’**
**black_angelss points at [username] and yells ‘Loser!’**
**black_angelss seems to shine of internal peace, love, and happiness**
**black_angelss whispers to [username] sweet words of love**
**black_angelss pulls out a ray gun and yells “Take me to your leader!**
**black_angelss pulls out a gun point to [username], yells “Take me yo your leader!**
**black_angelss missed you all sooooooo much! **
**black_angelss is very happy to see [username] again**
**black_angelss drools. Mmmmm….**

Additional Commands
These commands are not included in There are also some additional commands taken from Like the general commands, some commands here can only either be typed as is or paired with username.

/pinch [username]
/poke [username]
/rose [username]
/ruffle [username]
/slap [username]
/snuggle [username]
/tag [username]

/8ball /fortune /me /roll

Olympic Games 2008
/beibei /challenge /champion /cheers /frenzy /go /gold /huanhuan /jingjing /lose /luck /medal /nini /proud /record /taunt /torch /welcome /win /winner /yingying

/freekick /goal /handball /kick /offside /penalty /red /yellow

/flames [Username] /findmymatch /getmyluck /whackit

That’s all, people. If you find new commands, please let me know =D. Corrections, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

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