This week's playlist deals with the bands who put the name of days in their name. Let's start with Hey Monday! 1. Hey Monda...

Weekly Playlist - One Day, One Band

This week's playlist deals with the bands who put the name of days in their name. Let's start with Hey Monday!

1. Hey Monday - Candles

Genre: pop rock. It's a way to start your weekday. Keep your spirit up. Actually there are more Hey Monday songs that are more upbeat than this one. But I simply cannot measure the same amount of feels in the others.

2. The Real Tuesday Weld - Last Words

Genre: indie rock. For some reason, listening to this song reminds me of The Temper Trap and other songs used in a travel blog or tourism TV program. It really brings a peaceful nuance although the vocals are quite minimalist. When the vocals start to talk about the "last words", they got some sense of acceptance in there.

3. Colour Me Wednesday - Don't Tell Anyone

Genre: indie pop. This song tells about a secret. Wait, that sounds so wrong. In fact, the singer actually tells the listener not to tell anyone. It's so innocent yet secretive. It reminds me of the Indonesian band La Luna. Their album cover arts are unique too. Some of them have panels like those of comics'.

4. Thursday - This Side of Brightness

Genre: emo. I used to hate Thursday's songs because of the vocals are too bold. It's too high compared to the other instruments, moreover, the singing style is not really enjoyable at some parts of the songs. I don't know, may be it's because of the lo-fi mixing, or because of the screams in general. In turn, I find it hard to love their songs as a whole. This may be the only Thursday's song that I love wholeheartedly. Really love the strings there.

5. Divided by Friday - Relapse

Genre: pop punk. If you're a fan of Fall Out Boy, Mayday Parade, Every Avenue, or even Too Weak To Dance, this song is for you. It's about someone who is ready to move on and refuse to be tangled again by that particular ex. I find it really enjoyable as it incorporates a harmonious mix of piano and guitars overall.

6. Pure Saturday - Kosong

Genre: indie pop. Pure Saturday is an Indonesian indie band formed by Muhammad Suar Nasution (vocals, guitar), Ade Purnama (bass), Aditya "Adhi" Ardinugraha (guitar), Yudistira "Udhi" Ardinugraha (drums) and Arief Hamdani (guitar) in 1994. This song has been their 'key track' since 1996. I've managed to see them live once, it was more than amazing and now I miss them play.

7. Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under the Influence

Genre: emo. Taking Back Sunday is a band you grow up with if you're an emo scene kid. Their lo-fi very first album is really dope. I used to play TBS alot when I was in high school. And at that time the lyrics always make me wonder. Thanks to youtube and the guy who made the video of Cut without the E so that I can finally understand what the song means. You definitely have to listen to their first three albums. Those are the best so far.

In fact, there are more bands named based on the names of day. Do you know any other band names which are not listed here? Which day is your favorite by far?  Let me know in the comments.

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