Akai no Matsuri was a part of IT Days program by IT students in Poltekpos Bandung. The entry pass for this event was IDR 10k. This was th...

Event Review - Akai no Matsuri

Akai no Matsuri was a part of IT Days program by IT students in Poltekpos Bandung. The entry pass for this event was IDR 10k. This was the first time in Poltekpos history for their students to held a j-event. There were actually a very neat lineup presented in this event. The lineup includes the local performers from the students, indiviual and group cosplay, and guest stars: Thousand Sunny, Livera, Kirari, Henohenomoheji and others. However, because another thing or two, the rundown was a little bit messed up. It was different from the published one. The commitee had also ran out of tickets / entry passes around 01.00 pm. Nevertheless, it went smoothly and safely. The following are the pictures I took there.

Thousand Sunny on stage. I couldn't actually see them clearly at this distance. So, not much to say.

Some cosplays. Individuals and groups. It was blurry because I couldn't get any closer. There were kamen riders, characters from Durarara!, BlazeBlue, and some of them I didn't recognize. I forgot which one was the group called Shinsen-gumi in the following pictures. The other group had "-gumi" in its name anyway. They were cosplaying and performing characters from Fairytails and Bleach.

I know it was weird to see Byakuya to have wings borrowed from Erza Scarlet. The last time I see Byakuya with wings is on the following pict I drew myself.
Hello humans.
Also, I created three gifs out of these performing guys. As seen below.

I forgot the name of this band below. Sorry. They were covering songs mostly from ONE OK ROCK. And they rocked me and my friends' socks to dance and jump around. Well done. Great performance.

After that, Livera on stage. Covering Memeshikute and Aitakatta as they previously did in Bandung Japan Festival. It felt much more fun dancing this time here.

Next, dance covers. Not much to say here. Remember that I'm no fan of idol groups in particular. The performers include a dance team called Himawari, a dance team consists of middle school students (mostly, elementary school? who knows. Basically a bunch of lolis), and the kouhais of Lumina Scarlet.

Then, night fell down. The two performers who haven't performed were Kirari and Henohenomoheji. Kirari performed first.

The lolis. Where are your parents? What are you doing here?


Kirari. Getting ready.

They had to fill in the gap while the sound engineer were doing their job.
Kirari. Finally performing.
Kirari covered some BabyMetal songs. They are a group consisted from the JSNavigator girls. I suppose the name Kirari was the combination of their names. There were actually a little problem with the sound before they performed but it turned fine eventually. It was revealed then that that day was the birthday of one of its member, Rachel.

Last but not least. Here's Heohenomoheji.

Heil Henohenomoheji.

It seemed that Henohenomoheji have developed a lot since I watched their performance in Genreon a year ago. They have released an album, playing gigs mainly in Bandung and Jakarta. The perfomance that day were superb. They were covering some soundtacks of the ongoing and recent anime like Psycho Pass and Aldnoah Zero. The crowd seemed satisfied with their performance. It was great after all.

That conclude all of the performances. Hopefully next year there will be a similar event held in Poltekpos. Going to be annual perhaps?