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PPBI ~ Perbandingan Model Orang-Orang Ini

Dick and Reiser’s
Multidirectional                : Allow ‘feed-forward’, meaning that more input can be gathered and taken into account to improve the system. Each element can also be the input for one and another.

Independent (but still inside a circle of revision and evaluation):  Each element can be revised independently without any direct effect to the other elements.
Linear: Clearer sequence of the steps.  If the first step is revised, it will affect the next steps.
Identify and characterize learning tasks
Task analysis
Plan instructional activities: Planning activities as a whole rather than analyzing or characterizing only the learning tasks. This might give clearer images about what kind of activities teachers would design to meet the instructional objectives.
Component analysis in designing the system
Content sequencing: Probably gives clearer insights to determine which content must be taught first or later, and about the difficulty level of the contents.
The content is planned based on the activities, media, and assessment tools.

Those  are only some of the differences between the models. Any other?

Urrryyyaaaa! Screenshot taken from Shingeki no Kyoujin

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