Kingdom Hearts has always been a big part of my gaming journey. The soundtracks often evoke memorable scenes in my mind when I listen to th...

Weekly Playlist - Kingdom Hearts on OCREMIX

Kindom Hearts Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura

Kingdom Hearts has always been a big part of my gaming journey. The soundtracks often evoke memorable scenes in my mind when I listen to them. The following blogpost is a list of remixes or fan-arrangements of the original soundtracks of Kingdom Hearts series I’ve found on OCREMIX so far. There might be a ton of other fan-arrangements out there, though. Anyway, here are my picks. If you find anything else worth listening, do let me know.

1. sephfire - Above the Rising Falls

This is a Kingdom Hearts remix of the "Hollow Bastion" theme, with traces of the "Destati" theme as well. sephfire tried to create a really epic sound with this track. At the time he began working on it, he was listening to a lot of SGX originals and the Pirates of the Caribbean OST, which may explain the genres blend a little bit.

2. DrumUltimA, MomUltimA - That's What You Get

No, no. This is not Paramore’s That's What You Get Actually, the complete title is “That's What You Get (for Eating Nothing But Pizza and Cheesesteaks All Day)". This is a remix of from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. DrumUltimA made this remix for a contest. As an addition, MomUltimA, (DrumUltimA’s mom) plays violin in this remix. Whereas, DrumUltimA plays snare drum and a bunch of samples taken in the Peabody percussion studio.

3. adrian, diotrans - Destiny Forgotten

"Simple and Clean" has been one of diotrans’ favorite songs ever for a long time. She has been playing acoustic guitar covers of this for years. She decided to do something completely new by adding a string quartet. In this recording, adrian ( played cello; diotrans played violins and viola.

The title comes from the lyric "unmei wasurete" from the Japanese version of the song, which translates to "Destiny Forgotten" from a translation she read on the Internet. The way she sang the Japanese parts of the lyrics is pretty impressive. However, I don’t know how to say this in English well, but I think her voice sounds a little bit “off the track” at some points in this remix. I really enjoy the musical instruments, though.

4. Mikeaudio – The Wingless Butoh

This song is a medley remix from Sonic Heroes ("Hang Castle", "Mystic Mansion"), Kingdom Hearts ("Guardando nel buio", "Forze del male"), Kingdom Hearts II ("Tension Rising") and Final Fantasy VII ("One-Winged Angel"). Regarding the mix title, Buto (Butoh) is a performance art originated in Japan, and most of the time is accompanied by grotesque imagery. Because of the pace of the mix, Mikeaudio decided to call it "The Wingless Butoh". Wingless hinting to Sephiroth.

5. Blue Magic – New Beginnings

This is kind of a laid-back, relaxed remix of the "Deep Jungle" theme from Kingdom Hearts. It's kind of a jazzy/ambient(ish) mix. Blue Magic did a bit of experiment with the drum patterns, trying to mix ethnic drums with a standard acoustic drumset and a nice little bass drum. I personally think it turned out really nice.

6. Uboichi – Duet of the Keyblade Masters
This is a remix of 'Darkness of the Unknown'. Due to technical difficulties, Uboichi took so long to finish this remix. This is by far the most fantastic remix from Kingdom Hearts series I’ve ever heard. Duet of the Keyblade Masters provides mind-blowing piano performance in which the pianos sound as if they are trying to outdo each other. You might imagine a battle scene where keyblade masters are taking turns dashing at each other when you listen to this song.


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