Okaaaaaay. Here's another event review. For a couple of months I was busy because of work. I didn't even got the chance t...

Event Review - Konbanwa Festival & Kin no Matsuri

Okaaaaaay. Here's another event review. For a couple of months I was busy because of work. I didn't even got the chance to go to ONE OK ROCK Tribute 2015 in UPI.

Now I'd like to cover two events at once. They're Konbanwa Festival. Both were held on the same day. I originally intended to go to Kin no Matsuri only, but the guys from Daishiku asked me to come along to Konbanwa Festival as well. I was free, so why not.

Kin no Matsuri: Yamato Damashii X

In this event, there were obake house, manga illustration exhibition, cosplay competition and band, and cover singing performance. I noticed that Henohenomoheji and Fairytails The booths range from trading card, kendama, food, and merch. Surprisingly little number of merch booths, though. It was pretty crowded, so I didn't get the chance to roam freely. There was a canteen and mushala downstair so it was no problem if you were hungry or needed to pray.

Couldn't get any closer to the stage.
Manga illustrations

Konbanwa Festival

Konbanwa's venue were very vast. Cikapundung is not a new name for a bazaar or other outdoor festival. This event was partly intended to raise people's awareness in conserving the Cikapundung river. I knew that there were also high involvement of Cosplay Bandung community here. There were dozen of booth, ranging from food, beverages, free acoustic guitar plays. Most of them were on promotional occasions. It doesn't seem like a japanese festival when you see the booths, but after seeing the stage is another story. The stage was strategically located near a fountain. Pretty big. Hence, larger audiences were fit to witness the performances. When I arrived, the cosplay cabaret was ongoing.

Less weeb vibes around here.

Less weeb vibes around here [2].

Great spot for Kame Sennin

Nightfall. Danced a lot it felt good, I didn't dance at Comifuro 6. No dance-able performance that I got to see there anyway. I don't remember the name of this idol group albeit it was my friend's friend who is in the middle in the following picture. But the pic turned out to be taken well.

Love Tune

 [It's actually a little bit dissapointing that did all the song in lipsync.]

Ministry of Idol

[Some are familiar faces from Wish. Well, not too shabby.]


At the end of all performances in Konbanwa Festival, me and my friends got the chance to take pictures with some of the performers. Lastly, we bought some drinks. Pretty good ending

See you next event.

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