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[REVIEW] Comic 8: Action, Laughter, Twist - You Got ‘em All Here!

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It’s been several weeks since I watched Comic 8. On January 30th, I suppose, I was invited by my friend, Robi Darwis, to come along with some of the guys from his boarding house to watch the movie. Although I watched the movie a day after the premiere, apparently there are still a lot of people who are quite enthusiastic to watch this movie. Well, if you like Stand Up Comedy, you’ll most likely be interested in this movie.

And oh, I happen to wear similar outfit with Kemal Palevi, one of the comics. Here is pretty much how I looked like when watching the movie.

Only the jacket tho.
Close enough.
Ridiculously, I also happen to own the same colors of hat that he wears in the movie. But I didn’t wear it back then. That day was pretty weird.

Been there since like I was on the sixth grade or something.
Anyway, the movie tells about several gangs of weirdos who happen to rob a bank at ridiculously the same time. All of them have different motives. They eventually teamed up to fight the police.

Other than the eight comics as the main casts, several famous celebrities were involved to be the supporting characters. They are Boy William, Nirina Zubir, Indro of Warkop, Candil, Pandji, Nikita Mirzani, Kiki Fatmala, and Agung Hercules. The following is a sneak peak of their respective roles. This might be a little bit spoiler depending on your sense of “little” and “spoiler”, that is. :p If you don’t like where this is going, just skip this red section.

Boy William: A police officer who apparently like speaking English very much and has some kind of problem to code-switch to Indonesian language.

Nirina Zubir: Hey she’s got a new look. Another officer. Getting trolled over a phone by a particular afro dude.

Candil: “A strong pizza dude”

Pandji: “A trolled doctor”

Nikita Mirzani & Kiki Fatmala: “The poisonous aunties” -_-

Agung Hercules: He speaks gibberish all the time for some unknown reason, like Grue’s minions in Despicable Me.

Indro of Warkop: His dialogues seem limited to avoid great jokes. Most of his dialogues sound like a sermon. But that’s okay. Perhaps he did so to give the younger generations, i.e. the comics, chances to seize the stage. This is their movie after all.

At the first minutes of watching, you’ll be immediately served by a set of silly acts. The interval is maybe laughter for relatively each two minutes as long as the movie play, including the credit. Brace yourself. If you’re gonna watch this on cinema, don’t rush out leaving your seat.

As for the soundtrack, I noticed that they used the cover of Benyamin’s good ol’ “Kompor Meleduk” as the main theme. Additionally, they also used the song “Oblivious Insanity” performed by Purgatory, the infamous local white metal band.

If I have to put a rating on this movie, I absolutely will go with 10 out of 10, because, like the tittle of this post suggested; Action, Laughter, Twist – You Got ‘em All Here!


  1. Haaa, aku nungguin dvdnya aja, pih. Kamu dr blkg mirip kemal kok. Haha

  2. Replies
    1. Kalo situs resminya ga ada gan, yg ada cuma akun twitter resminya: @Comic8TheMovie. Btw maaf lama baru dibales dan terima kasih udah mampir =]